Ronn Moss italian western (in the making?)

Hi guys,

I’d like to have your opinion on a short film, more of a long teaser trailer, for a Ronn Moss film made in Italy. You can find the video here
It was presented to me by a member of the roman LARP association involved in the project.

I didn’t find any references in the Forum or the Db, so I think this could be new for you, even though it came out in 2022.

It has part of the cast from Oro e Piombo.

The main location is the Tiziano Carnevale Village; Carnevale also cover different roles for the production.

The little western town is in Aprilia, my hometown, so I will go and meet Carnevale in the next few weeks and try to obtain an interview, also about Oltre il Confine, the latest movie I haven’t seen yet.

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I can’t believe former Soap Opera actor Ronn Moss is making a Western, and an SW influenced one as well. I know he scaled back for a while on acting gigs after departing The Bold and the Beautiful due to a car accident that caused short term memory issues affecting his ability to remember lines and such, but since he’s been working steadily since about 2019 both as an actor and singer, I’m gonna assume his short-term memory has recovered.

According to his website he’s been touring all over Europe, particularly giving quite a number of concerts in Italy in the past few years, so him making a Western there isn’t out of the question, especially since in 2022 he starred in a film called Viaggio a Sorpresa (Surprise Trip) and also did a play in Belgium.

It looks promising from the teaser, and I hope Moss either gets it to a distributer soon or is trying to raise the money to finish it

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Some familiar faces from the Emiliano Ferrera films. Music is nice and the town brings back memories of the early Spaghetti’s Keep us posted on the progress and finished project.

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