Romolo Guerrieri

Has anyone heard anything about Romolo Guerrieri recently as Wikipedia says he died last Friday (10th of Feb) but I can’t find anymore news on the subject to back this up.

Haven’t heard anything here…if it’s true RIP. I have The Double on my watch pile. I’ll have to watch it sooner than intended now.

The user that made those edits has also said the following have died too (all within the past 3 days):

It seems a bit weird that they all passed away around the same time by the same user. Plus I think if Rosalba Neri passed away it would definitely be mentioned in some mainstream news?


I would think that if Rosalba Neri passed away it would garner some sort of attention other that a Wikipedia post. At least I would hope so.


ahhh I wondered if would be one of these fake death things… It seems rather unlikely that they would all go at the same time

Strange one…hopefully it is just a load of rubbish.

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nothing in Italian news… there’s usually an obit somewhere. Also nothing on Facebook anywhere…

Edits have been cleaned up. On the other hand, these are all very old people ;(

No, I couldn’t find any Italian news on the subject either.