Rome tips?

Howdy ALL,

I’m new to this forum and so psyched to find out that something like this exists!

I’m traveling to Rome this weekend and would love to hear any tips on what to check out that’s Leone/Spaghetti related.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks Pards!

Sorry, but there seem to be no italians on this forum :-\

Welcome to the board though :slight_smile:

Of course somebody who is not italian might have some valuable info on Rome ;D

There’s a nice book store near Piazza Navona (which is worth visiting also), that sells movie posters. There were a few Spaghetti-related posters and also plastic tubes for storing them. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact address, but I’m pretty sure it was around either of those green areas in the map. :slight_smile:

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Have you been to Rome more than once?

Tell us a little more of that city, there are a lot of restaurants I presume, do they show older films in cinemas?

Is it nice and calm or a lot of car trafic everywhere? Are there many beautiful old buildings?

Been there twice. Beautiful city full of history. Don’t know much about cinemas there other than all movies are dubbed. :confused:
And yes, there are lots of restaurants and even more tourists, especially from april to september. I recommend visiting the city between october and april since there are not that much tourists then. The historical center of Rome is quite nice and calm in my opinion. You hardly notice the traffic… most of the streets are narrow and quiet. Car is really not that handy there.