Rolling Roadshow-Almeria

(Yodlaf Peterson) #141

FISTFUL OF DOLLARS at Cortijo el Sotillo

June 6th 2008

(Bluntwolf) #142

Some nice pictures guys ! I’m glad y’all enjoyed your stay and had a great time :slight_smile: !!!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #143

[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:142, topic:1018”]Some nice pictures guys ! I’m glad y’all enjoyed your stay and had a great time :slight_smile: !!![/quote]cheers Bluntwolf

(Reverend Danite) #144

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (but not necessarily in that order).
In fact it’s the chapel that’s ugly - well at least the situation is. It’s falling down fast. Much had already gone since Brother Yodlaf was last there and Brother Chris Casey had referred to a wall that fell down when he was there. Altho’ it’s ‘listed’ nobody seems to care much about it … except maybe us! What saddened me about this trip is that this heritage is disappearing - and fast!!
I can understand it of the ‘built’ sets - the derelict locations of the building right at the start of GBU where Tuco shoots 'em up, and the nearby Blindman set - cos they’re only made of wood and plaster … but these are real buildings, in a ‘protected’ park. You get the feeling that some of the landowners would rather they weren’t there. ???
Instead we’ve got the ‘theme parks’- and particularly of Oases Mini Hollywood - that are pandering to the commercial tale of American-stylee ‘Cowboys and Indians’. Here, besides the Bank and a coupla others, and one building with spag. posters framed on the wall, it had little to do with it’s actual original reason for existence.
Directly outside the entrance to the run-down, but better, Texas Hollywood (I think), we were taken to the actual ‘bar’ where LVC shoots Kinski in FAFDM - but the chances of that surviving beyond another coupla years is frighteningly unlikely. Sorry, rant over (for now) - the pictures …

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(Sebastian) #145

ok here we go:

there’s a subsection pictures which i’ve divided into links and actual pictures by us. so feel free to upload my companeros, maybe just pick a few of the best ones you did, or upload them all to the flickr account, the link to that is already up…

i wanna do a few comparison images once i get my pictures developed, i’ll take screenshot and add my own picture right next to it and make it one image etc

(Toscano) #146

Brilliant pics, Reverend Danite!!
I can’t believe how big those screens must have been…so glad you all had such a great time!
I completely agree with everything you said. It is shameful how a building such as Cortijo el Fraile has fallen into such dis-repair, especially being located on ‘protected’ land!!
As re: ‘Mini Hollywood’ etc., I, again, echo your thoughts precisely…heart-breaking how ‘commercialism’ has crept so readily into what is - let’s be honest here - a brilliant film set, designed by one of the greatest set designers (Carlo Simi), on the instruction of Sergio Leone - one of the greatest film directors of all time…
It can be infuriating at times, visiting these locations each successive year, because a Leone fan (or a fan of any ‘Speggie’) sees how the present day is kinda destroying a piece of cinema history…
I remember last year, when I visited Almeria (5th time!), I went to the 'Steven’s farm location - not far from Los Albaricoques…I was pretty hacked off that they had some builders there, who were happily altering the place with ‘improvements’!
It’s a sad fact, but these beautiful locations - which mean so much to fans - are just another piece of construction ground to many others…
“Other Morton’s 'll be along…and they’ll kill it off…”

(Tigrero) #147

If this is where I think it is we could not get very near because it is now a private residence.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #148

Where Blondie shares out the Bounty with Tuco in THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY.

We had to do a bit of (downright stupid) mountianeering to get to the spot.

Me and the good reverend

(Sebastian) #149

who took that picture of me in aaron’s place? so phil’s got some pics up on facebook and mark. aarron and rod haven’t uploaded pics to facebook yet. about friggin’ time, amigos :wink:

(Tigrero) #150

Mark set up an album on facebook yesterday and some bloke called Sebastian tagged some of them. Funny that…apology accepted when it friggin’ comes… :wink:

(Sebastian) #151

notice the period in that sentence above?

(Tigrero) #152

Cor bloody wormed your way out of that one well Seb.
I just thought you had put a full stop instead of a comma. Most English people would read it the same as me coz we definitely would not put it how you did…we would probably say “and Mark as well” or some such to avoid the confusion…

Oh and by the way I am now friends with the Austin, Texas redhead on facebook.

(Sebastian) #153

tim? just managed to pull that interview off my voice recorder, i’ll send that to phil now, leave him to do all the transcribing

(Yodlaf Peterson) #154

I’ve tried to put pics on facebook but it’s driving me mad, but i will put them here, feel free to transfer them across if you so wish.

(Sebastian) #155

can u upload them to the flickr account? i’m just saying, having them in one place would be nice so we could link to the entire album, but it’s your call. if you have any pictures with me in it, could you please email them to me? thanks

(Jack Burns) #156

Great shots, guys. Looks like a grand time was had by all.


(Sebastian) #157

i now feel a bit weird because i got interviewed twice and i can’t seem to be able to remember who it was that interviewed me, what their names were or where i could find the interviews

(Phil H) #158

I just added a link to my pictures from the weekend here:

Still got another couple of shots from my phone to load up when I can figure out how.

(Sebastian) #159

looking forward to seeing more of yod’s and rod’s pictures

(Bluntwolf) #160

[quote=“Phil H, post:158, topic:1018”]I just added a link to my pictures from the weekend here:

Still got another couple of shots from my phone to load up when I can figure out how.[/quote]

Nice pictures Phil ! Looking forward to see more…