Rolling Roadshow-Almeria

(Phil H) #201

Oh, wouldn’t I just love to. Not sure that the purse strings will stretch to it this year either but I can always live in hope. In a way, I kind of need another one off reason to take the plunge. Couldn’t miss that Roadshow whether I could afford it or not.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #202

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:200, topic:1018”]Yeah. Me too. Sorry it didn’t get a return this year Yod (for all sorts of complicated reasons) - but who knows what 2011’ll bring? I can feel it tho’… :)[/quote]It’s 2011 Rod :wink:

(Sebastian) #203

Who is going,3307.0.html

(Yodlaf Peterson) #204

I’m up for it, would only want to watch a couple of films though as most of them don’t look all that. Not a time to purposly go like the Rolling Roadshow by any means but I would like to go to Almeria some time this summer if possible if others are up for it.

(Sebastian) #205

Jeez, just been talking to @Yodlaf_Peterson on Shitbook and we realized, this fall would be the 10 year anniversary of this legendary event… for fucks sake … we need to go again

(Phil H) #206

Yes indeed.