Rogelio Hernández, Spanish voice actor dies

Legendary Spanish voice actor Rogfelio Hernández has died today, 31 December 2011. He had cancer. Born in Barcelona on 25 December 1930, he started out as a stage actor in Madrid, before resettiling in Barcelona, where he became a much-employed baritone dubbing actor, the regular voice of Marlon Brando, Michael Caine and, subsequently, Jack Nicholson. he excelled in anti-heroic voices. His other work includes Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot, Dirk Bogarde in The Night Porter and Joe Spinell in Maniac. In 2008, he retired due to eyesight problems. He is survived by his wife, Rosa Guiñón and his daughter, Rosa maría Hernández, both likewise voice actors.

His Spaghetti Western roles include the following:

Anthony Steffen in Dallas
Giuliano Gemma The White, the Yellow and the Black
Sal Borgese In the West There Was a Man Named Invincible
Anthony Steffen Too Much Gold for One Gringo
Dominic Barto Man from the East
ReinerSchöne The Return of Sabata
Bart Medici Django, the Last Gunfighter
Glenn Saxson Go with God, Gringo
Marc Fiorini El Puro
Terence Hill Boot Hill (first Spanish version, for theatrical release, later redubbed for home home video and with different voices)
Tomas Milian Companeros
Peter Van Eyck Shalako
Mariano Vidal Molina Gentleman Jo
Mark Damon Johnny Oro
Giulianno Gemma The Ringo films
George Hilton in Professionisti per un massacro
Luis Dávila in ¡¡Viva Carrancho!!
Anthony Steffen Why Go on Killing?

Thanks Nzoog. Another legendary link to the genre is gone. Thanks to Rogelio for adding his voice to the many characters he dubbed over the years. RIP.