Roberto Miali

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I think he’s an inigmatic actor, must done more westerns… Cinical, vilian… >:(

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Well, i’ve seen him in a few but he usually plays one of the good guys. There’s a bit of confusion about him in the Weisser book (surprise surprise). He listed as Umberto Miali and credited with only one role (Sette Dollari Sul Rosso). From seeing other films it seems he was often credited as Jerry Wilson, but Weisser states this name is a psuedonym for Brett Halsey in the film $20’000 on Number 7…which he didn’t appear in, but this guy did…

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Just to confuse matters further…
I’m pretty sure his character’s name in Sette Dollari Sul Rosso was Jerry.

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[quote=“Phil H, post:3, topic:979”]Just to confuse matters further…
I’m pretty sure his character’s name in Sette Dollari Sul Rosso was Jerry.[/quote]

You know…it’s weird but i’m sure his character in Blood At Sundown is called Jerry too. And on the cover for my $20’000 on Number 7 he’s listed as plying “Jerry King”…

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Hello Silver, could you please attach this cover here, or on dvd covers topic? I have any yet…
kind regards

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Jerry Wilson (aka Roberto Miali) always played a character named Jerry in the Western films he did. I think the only exception is COWARDS DON’T PRAY, or VENGEANCE IS MINE with Gianni Garko. I don’t remember the character he plays in that one, but I don’t think he was named Jerry (it has been more than a couple of years since I last saw it).

In Miali’s Westerns he was:
Just plain Jerry in 7 DOLLARS ON THE RED.
Jerry Holt in BLOOD AT SUNDOWN ($1,000 ON THE BLACK)
And Jerry King in 20.000 FOR 7.

I think he was a pretty good actor and had a decent presence in these films. to be honest, I am sort of surprised he didn’t do more!

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[quote=“Raph_Alv, post:5, topic:979”]Hello Silver, could you please attach this cover here, or on dvd covers topic? I have any yet…
kind regards[/quote]

You can find it here;

it’s on page one :wink:

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I am not good with German, so I don’t understand clearly if he ended tragically:

“Djangos Sohn wird von Roberto Miali (Pseudonym: Jerry Wilson) verkörpert. Dieser spielte noch in ”Sartana”, und ”Rächer ohne Gande” sowie 1969 in ”Schweinehunde beten nicht”. Danach bricht die Filmografie ab; es steht zu befürchten, dass er zu den vielen Darstellern des Genres zählt, denen kein gutes Ende beschieden war (sprich: Bedeutungslosigkeit, früher Tod oder Suizid).”

from liner notes for “Sette dollari sul rosso” by Wolfgang Luley

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I’ll try to translate it:

Django’s Son was played by Roberto Miali (aka Jerry Wilson). He also was in “Sartana” and “Rächer ohne Gnade” as well as in 1969 “Schweinehunde beten nicht”. After that his filmogragraphy ended; there is a fear, that he is one of the Actors of this genre whose life came to a bad end (so to speak: insignificance, early death or suicide).

The Author seems to be not sure what really happend to Roberto Miali. He fears of an early death maybe suicide.
I’m not a translator and my English isn’t the best but I hoped I could have helped you out. :slight_smile:

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And “Bedeutungslosigkeit” don’t they mean he didn’t get any roles, his career came to an end?

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As Paco had translated it: Insignificance

Making obscure films (maybe only in small roles) for which they aren’t noticed anymore.

A career’s end by being unemployed would I describe with other words.

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The following lines in Italian about Roberto Mali I found on this page:

Roberto Miali, nato a Trieste (il nome originario è von Mihalich), è da sempre disposto all’arte nelle sue molteplici forme. Infatti, oltre a scrivere, anche per il cinema, ha partecipato come attore, soprattutto col nome d’arte Jerry Wilson, a diversi films, e ne ha anche prodotti alcuni. Il suo temperamento schivo e riservato lo ha infine spinto a rinchiudersi in campagna, dopo essere vissuto nelle grandi città del mondo.
Ora, nel silenzio che lo appaga, continua a scrivere e dà anche libera composizione a disegni estrosi che, però, non si è ancora deciso ad esporre. Ha pubblicato libri di narrativa, quale il profondissimo Il disturbo (davvero unico nel suo genere), e di poesie; una di queste è entrata con elogio nell’Antologia del Millennio (2000), edita negli Stati Uniti d’America.

I cannot find my Italian Dictionary so I can only guess. Roberto Mali became something like an author? Maybe someone with Italian knowledge can help here. :slight_smile:

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I copied the text to bablefish translating machine ( and yes, it seems he went on to write novels and poetry.