Robert Rodriguez new TV Channel

In case you havent heard. Robert Rodriguez has his own TV channel now. It called the El Rey Network and the line up looks good. Coming up this month: several Shaw Brothers kung fu movies, Swamp Thing, Switchblade Sisters, Fright Night, Starsky & Hutch TV series, X Files TV series, the new Dusk til Dawn series and more.

I’ve been following the news surrounding the channel for quite awhile. I really wish him the best with it!

Is this a normal TV station requiring cable/dish service, or can you watch it via the internet?

Sounds cool, but TV as a whole is getting pretty dated at this point…

Its on cable television (with commercials) but the programming is definitely more to my liking than any other channel on television these days.

For those interested, I did relaunch

They show a lot of spaghettis on El Rey as well

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