Robert Rodriguez new TV Channel

(sartana1) #1

In case you havent heard. Robert Rodriguez has his own TV channel now. It called the El Rey Network and the line up looks good. Coming up this month: several Shaw Brothers kung fu movies, Swamp Thing, Switchblade Sisters, Fright Night, Starsky & Hutch TV series, X Files TV series, the new Dusk til Dawn series and more.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #2

I’ve been following the news surrounding the channel for quite awhile. I really wish him the best with it!

(autephex) #3

Is this a normal TV station requiring cable/dish service, or can you watch it via the internet?

Sounds cool, but TV as a whole is getting pretty dated at this point…

(sartana1) #4

Its on cable television (with commercials) but the programming is definitely more to my liking than any other channel on television these days.

(Sebastian) #5

For those interested, I did relaunch

They show a lot of spaghettis on El Rey as well

(Sebastian) #6

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