Robert Hundar has died!

(Tom B.) #1

Claudio Undari (aka Robert Hundar) died in Rome on May 12th. He was 73.

I will post an obituary at Cemetery with Crosses in the next day or two when more information is available. :’(

(Bill san Antonio) #2

RIP Claudio. He had a great face for spaghetti westerns. I always enjoy his roles.

(Phil H) #3

That is a real shame. RIP Claudio.

(Romaine Fielding) #4

Yeah, and he could put some of the evilist eyes upon you when he wanted. I watched The Relentless Four this past weekend. A consummate bad guy. Aside fron the notorious Cuthroats Nine, did he ever play a character approaching a good guy?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #5

He was terrific.


Jesse James’ Kid was more a good guy type role than bad guy role I thought.

(Phil H) #7

In Gunfight at High Noon he was the meanest of the brothers but still showed a soft side at the end as I recall.


Not seen this one yet, but hopefully should be getting the film in soon :).

(Phil H) #9

It’s a very early spag so more American traditional in its style but I quite enjoyed it.

(Silver) #10

Same here! :wink:

(LankyFellow) #11

In ‘A man and a colt’ he played Dakota Joe,a clearly good one !
The bad one is Fernando Sancho and its directed by Tulio Demicheli.
The german VHS is unfortunately cut to 70 min.