Robert De Niro vs. Al Pacino

Both Italian-American method actors of the same generation, who did their first movies in late 1960s/ early 1970s.

Who do you prefer?

Al Pacino, him as Michael Corleone is the most convincing performance I’ve ever seen.

Pacino never lived his roles like DeNiro (putting on weight etc.). A true demi-god of modern actors & way more versatile.

Check out Insomnia

Never saw it but I’ll note that he looks like he hasn’t slept since the Lunar Landing.

Pacino, which reminds me I really need to see Scarecrow again.

Pacino, Serpico’s my favourite of his

Serpico is great. Very sad to me what he went through.

De Niro:

More versatile. More likeable but I still enjoy Pacino


It’s a draw

I chose Pacino, but basically it’s a draw. It’s like… the Champions League of actors.