Robert Conrad's Jim West vs SW Heavies, or SW Icons in Fistfight Brawls

Hi SW lovers,

One of my favorite shows growing up as a kid in Philadelphia Pa was TNT reruns of The Wild Wild West, a 1965 to 1969 classic Western Adventure Series. I used to hoot and holler as Robert Conrad as Jim West would beat the snot out of all the bad guys. When I got back into SW’s, I would envision Jim West beating up bad guys like Klaus Kinski, Fernando Sancho, Gordon Mitchell, Federico Boido (aka Rick Boyd), Aldo Sambrell, Luciano Rossi (aka Edward Ross), etc in one of those classic scenes.

I wondering if there were any other fans of the Wild Wild West here and which SW bad guys they’d have like to see Jim West beat the daylight out of.

To make this topic a little more universal, which SW Heroes/Anti-Heroes would you like to see beat up the bad guys in similar Wild Wild West scenes. Have fun and enjoy.


Though I like visuals of James West fistfights (not as much as Roger Moore’s in The Saint), Conrad never risked going beyond television-acting. And he wasn’t western ‘lanky’.

James West beat up Chuck Norris:

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I agree that Conrad was more suited to TV, especially with his looks for the ladies, but because he did about 90% of his own stunts on the show, I don’t think it would be fair to site him as not lanky. He’d have done 100% of his own stunts had somebody not mistimed one and made the producers scared to have him do the more dangerous stuff again. I haven’t seen many Saint episodes yet so I don’t know for certain how Moore did his fights, but so far he seems like a capable fighter.

The camera was doing a lot of the fighting alongside Moore’s fists. Not panning back-and-forth.

Too bad Conrad didn’t do a SW or a Peckinpah western. Yeah, he’s pushing 85 so his athleticism is paying-off.

I’ve always been surprised Conrad wasn’t asked to do any Italian Westerns given the Wild Wild West’s popularity and that he was athletic. IMO how he was costumed in the show would’ve brought a nice dynamic to the genre in that he rides into a town, the bad guys think he’s a pansy, and then a few well placed punches and elbows later they know he’s gonna be a threat to them :wink:

I totally dig the idea of Conrad doing a Peckinpah Western, Peckinpah had a good SW flair to his Westerns.

He had a stroke some time back, but he’s OK and still does a daily radio program near where he lives in California.

It wasn’t through lack of trying.

I enjoy WWW as well. The fist fights are very reminiscent of the ones in Republic serials. Not too far off the mark considering journeymen directors like William Whitney directed eps of WWW, He, and others, were instrumental in the choreography of those programmer brawls.

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Not a western but there’s some bloody slo-mo shootouts in this

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Wow! I always knew there was a lot of preparation and thought put into those scenes, but I never knew it was that much, thanks 4 the comment and info.

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You’re very welcome!