RIP Vivienne Chandler

British actress and photographer Vivienne Chandler died in London on June 6, 2013. Thanks to Daniel Meier who alerted me of her passing. Chandler made her first appearance on TV in ITV Playhouse in 1970 but she immediately began acting in minor parts in a number of major early 1970s films including “Lust for a Vampire”, “Duck You Sucker” and Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (all 1971). She made several small appearances in the 1980s, including the music video for “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” by the British super group ASIA in 1983, and appeared in Babies in 1997 but since then she had become a professional photographer working in the U.S. and many countries across Europe including France, Italy and the U.K… She’s best remembered by Western fans for her appearance as Coleen, the love interest of James Coburn and David Warbeck in Sergio Leones 1971 “Duck You Sucker” where she’s seen in flashbacks.

R.I.P. Vivienne Chandler

Many thanks to Tom B. for this heart-breaking info. I don’t think many people would have known otherwise. Since hearing of this, I have attempted to discover other details on the internet of this beautiful lady’s sad passing, but have been unsuccessful.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to contact Ms Chandler, via e-mail, and asked her a few questions about her recollections of working on ‘Duck You Sucker’ (Fistful of Dynamite); and she was most gracious in her reply…she couldn’t have been more helpful and courteous…

Also, it was about this time - not long after I joined ‘Spag. West. Database’, that I devised my very own ‘Spaghetti Western Menu’, comprised of pasta and meat, and fish dishes - named specifically after Spaghetti Western heroes and villains we love to hate!
I e-mailed Ms. Chandler, and asked if she had a favourite meal, which I would be able to add to my menu, and she replied that it would have to be a vegetable curry - one of her favourites.
As a result, I added the Vivienne Chandler ‘Dream Girl Special’ curry to my menu; and now cook it in my own house-hold on a regular basis. It consists mostly of spices, spinach and potatoes.
I named the curry ‘Dream Girl Special’, as a tribute to her ‘dream-like’ appearances in ‘Duck You Sucker’ (aka ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ and ‘Once Upon A Time the Revolution’).

I have never forgotten the kindness of this very beautiful lady, who took the time to e-mail me back, and to gracefully recall her experiences of working alongside Sergio Leone, James Coburn, David Warbeck and co.

What a lovely lady… kind in heart and manner…such a tragic loss…

R.I.P. Vivienne ‘Dream Girl’ Chandler.

When my friend Don Bruce was doing research on the Leone locations he went on London radio and asked if anyone knew where the location scenes in Ireland were shot for Duck You Sucker. Vivienne called the station talked with Don and then took him and Marla to the location of the motor car and end flashback scenes at the tree were filmed. She went out of her way to help in his work.

It doesn’t surprise me that Ms. Chandler would go out of her way for anyone. Simply by conversing with her via e-mail, I got the impression that she was a dear soul, who would always go that extra mile for anyone.
Bless her.