RIP Sergiu Nicolaescu

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Sergiu Nicolaescu, a prolific and popular Romanian director known for his historical epics who also served as a Senator, died Thursday January 3, 2013. He was 82.
The Elias Hospital said Nicolaescu died from heart and lung complications following surgery for digestive problems. Nicolaescu made some 50 movies in his lifetime, and despite his career in politics, continued to direct films such as the ''Orient Express" in 2004. He was best known for historical films which found favor with the Communist regime before it collapsed in 1989. His 1979 movie ''Mihai the Brave" is considered a cinematic classic in Romania. Sergiu directed two Euro-western TV films ‘The Leatherstocking Tales’ (aka ‘Adventures in Ontario’) (1969) and ‘Burning Daylight’ (1975).

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Only now notice this

A great director speciailly if you like those great and long epic films only possible to be made with the help communist days armies, with thousands of extras. Michael de great was one of those great epics I remember enjoying.