RIP Roberto Risso

Italian actor Roberto Risso died today in Milan, Italy six days short of his 85th birthday. Risso appeared with Gordon Scott in “Zorro and the 3 Musketeers” and as Duke in “Hate Thy Nieghbor” (1968) under the pseudonym Robert Rice. This was to be his final film as he left to become a fashion designer and appear on TV soap operas.

Too often recently have I been seeing these RIP threads. Very sad. RIP

Yeh…dropping like flys for sure.

Sadly. R.I.P.

We have to remember that the majority of the people involved in the genre are in their late 70s and early 80s now. The genre is 40-45 years old and we’ll see more and more pass on as the years continue to flow. Thankfully it’s site’s like the Spaghetti Western Data Base that keep their memories alive and they’ll be remembered for decades to come.