RIP Riz Ortolani & Ubaldo Continiello

Italian composers Ubaldo Continiello and Riz Ortolani died within days of each other. Ubaldo 73 died on January 21 and Ortolani 87 die on the 23rd both inRome. Continiello scored Black Tigress (1967) and The Grandson of Zorro (1975) while Ortolani scored over a dozen Euro-western scores including Day of Anger and Beyond the Law both 1967, Madron and The Unholy Four both 1970, and The Hunting Party (1971) and Massacre at Fort Holman 1972. Ortolani found fame in the early 1960s with his score for Mondo Cane and the main theme More became an international hit.

Very sad.
Ortolani was one of the greatest in my opinion. Day of Anger is a classic.