RIP Rick Boyd

Italian character actor, stuntman Rick Boyd (Federico Boido) has died. Marco Giusti posted on Facebook today October 7 that Rick had passed. I will post more in Cemetery With Crosses when it is obtained. Rick was one of the premiere bad guys of the genre. He was in over two dozen westerns usually playing outlaws, henchmen and hired guns. His dying scenes were always a highlight of any film he was in.

Thanks for sharing this very sad news, Tom. Boyd was one of the most recognisable and welcome faces of the genre and will be sadly missed.
R.I.P to one of the last of the bad men.

Sad news. He had a great face for villain roles, always liked him. R.I.P

R.I.P…great face like mentioned.

Very, very sad. RIP

Thanks Federico, R.I.P.


Always sad, that’s why we must keep the genre alive

R.I.P. another one gone.

Had a very good face that screamed for bigger roles. I always though he had a chance to be a leading man in SWs (Hey if Jeff Cameron can do it…)


R.I.P. Federico…

His was yet another of those great faces that goes hand in hand with a good Italian Western…always a pleasure to see him on screen.