RIP Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite, who was beloved to TV viewers as the ultimate father figure, John Walton, on ‘The Waltons’, has died. He was 85. Waite passed away on Thursday at his home in South Palm Desert. He was nominated for an Emmy in 1978 for his portrayal of the middle-American paterfamilias. He starred on The Waltons for nine years and directed 15 episodes. Waite appeared as Elias Hooker in “Chato’s Land” and Jack Decker in “Lawman” both 1971

R.I.P. Ralph.

R.I.P… Always remember that scene in The Stone Killer when he sets fire to that office bin when he is talking to Charles Bronson, and yes its a very funny scene !

I was just talking about him with my Mother. We both enjoyed his body of work. We’ll sadly miss him.