RIP R.G. Armstrong

R.G. Armstrong died in his sleep last night at the age of 95. Armstrong made over 65 westerns alone in his long career on stage, TV and films. A member of the Sam Peckinpah stock company R.G. appeared in only one Euro-western as Honest John in My Name is Nobody (1973).

Know him best from Peckinpah’s movies

One scene in Pat & Billy springs of course to mind immediately

R.I.P. brother, you deserved your rest

I fondly remember him in Predator, Stay Hungry and Boss Nigger. RIP.

R.I.P. R.G.

A good character actor.

Just the other day I saw him in a pretty good western, From Hell to Texas. He was a good character actor.

R.I.P R.G.

Soild actor…R.I.P

Always loved the story he told about how Peckinpah got him so pissed off for the scene in “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid” where he grabs Kristofferson’s hair really hard, says “Repent, you sonofabitch”. and Kristofferson thought he was going to pull the hair right out of his head. I’m not doing it justice here, but it’s really funny when the two of them told the story.

RIP :’(.