RIP Poul Glargaard

Danish actor Paul Glargaard apparently comitted suicide yesterday October 17th. He was 69. Poul appeared in two “Potato” Euro-westerns, “Tough Guys of the Prairie” (1970) and “Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairies” (1971).

Yes very sad. He had a troubled life apparently which led him to alcohol and it was with a dosis of pills and alcohol he elected to take his life.

He quit acting some 8 years ago and that probably didn’t help on his mood.

I will remember him not for his two westerns but for him being one of only four actors in the all-time best Danish Christmas series which we watch nearly every year: “Jul i Den Gamle Trædemølle” (Christmas in the Old Treadmill)


What are Potato Westerns Tom?

A Potato Western is just a Danish produced western …

[quote=“Søren, post:4, topic:2861”]A Potato Western is just a Danish produced western …[/quote]Cheers Soren, I’ve heard other variations, Kebab western for Turkish etc but never this one before :wink: