RIP Peter Martell

Peter Martell has died in Bolzano, Italy at the age of 72.

A full obit will soon be up at Cemetery With Crosses.

That’s awful :’(.

Altho he might not be the ideal anti-hero I thought he was ok and it’s always sad when a SW face disappears, espicially if it’s as well known and recognized as Peter’s :’(.

RIP :’(.

RIP - Always liked the man’s performances.

Rest in Peace Amigo.

I enjoyed your performances in Unholy Four and Forgotten Pistolero

He was of course great in Forgotten Pistolero


Very sad. Always enjoyed Martell’s presence in a film.

Liked the guy and only just watched him in a film last night…RIP.

RIP. Maybe I should watch Forgotten Pistolero today.

Sad news, indeed.
In my opinion, regardless of the type of film he was in…or the size of the budget…or the style…Martell always gave 100% (and then some) with his performances.
He was one of my favorite actors!

RIP, Peter!

R.I.P. Peter

Su “Ciakmull” me gustó bastante.


One more to boot hill. RIP.

The Forgotten Pistolero opening scene it’s great. Undoubtedly he will be remembered.

I read somewhere that he died in poverty, which is sad.

Will be watching His Nam Was Pot this weeked in his honour.

Goddamit. :frowning:

Sad news indeed… one of my favs is Two Crosses at Danger Pass!


if you can call that a honour. :smiley:

I understand where you´re coming from, but I enjoyed that film the 3 times I saw it.

Mine, too!
I believe I will watch that one later today.