RIP Peter Martell

(Tom B.) #1

Peter Martell has died in Bolzano, Italy at the age of 72.

A full obit will soon be up at Cemetery With Crosses.

(Silence) #2

That’s awful :’(.

Altho he might not be the ideal anti-hero I thought he was ok and it’s always sad when a SW face disappears, espicially if it’s as well known and recognized as Peter’s :’(.

RIP :’(.

(Bad Lieutenant) #3

RIP - Always liked the man’s performances.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #4

Rest in Peace Amigo.

I enjoyed your performances in Unholy Four and Forgotten Pistolero

(Silvanito) #5

He was of course great in Forgotten Pistolero


(Phil H) #6

Very sad. Always enjoyed Martell’s presence in a film.


Liked the guy and only just watched him in a film last night…RIP.

(Bill san Antonio) #8

RIP. Maybe I should watch Forgotten Pistolero today.

(Chris_Casey) #9

Sad news, indeed.
In my opinion, regardless of the type of film he was in…or the size of the budget…or the style…Martell always gave 100% (and then some) with his performances.
He was one of my favorite actors!

RIP, Peter!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

R.I.P. Peter

(Julio_Alberto) #11

Su “Ciakmull” me gustó bastante.


(p.pereira) #12

One more to boot hill. RIP.

(p.pereira) #13

The Forgotten Pistolero opening scene it’s great. Undoubtedly he will be remembered.

(Bad Lieutenant) #14

I read somewhere that he died in poverty, which is sad.

Will be watching His Nam Was Pot this weeked in his honour.

(Starblack) #15

Goddamit. :frowning:

(cm215) #16

Sad news indeed… one of my favs is Two Crosses at Danger Pass!

(Dillinger) #17


(Bill san Antonio) #18

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:14, topic:2227”]Will be watching His Nam Was Pot this weeked in his honour.[/quote]if you can call that a honour. :smiley:

(Bad Lieutenant) #19

I understand where you´re coming from, but I enjoyed that film the 3 times I saw it.

(Chris_Casey) #20

Mine, too!
I believe I will watch that one later today.