RIP Peter Gilmore

German born British actor Peter Gilmore passed away on February 3 in London. He was 81. Born in Leipzig, Germany on August 25, 1931 his family moved to England when he was only 6 years-old. During the 1960s and 1970s he became a stalwart of British stage musicals, appearing in several largely unsuccessful shows, including one called Hooray for Daisy! in which he was the chief human in a drama about a pantomime cow. His success at this time in British and US TV commercials led him to be cast in comedies, with 11 appearances in Carry On films, two of which – Carry On Jack (1963) and Carry On Cleo (1964) – gave him early nautical roles. In 1970 he married Jan Waters [1937- ], with whom he starred in both stage and television productions of The Beggar’s Opera, he playing the highwayman Captain Macheath. Gilmore appeared in only one Euro-western Carry on Cowboy (1965) as Curly.


R.I.P. James Onedin
A very familiar face here. Especially in the 1970s.