RIP Peter Alexander

Actor, singer Peter Alexander who starred in 1965’s “Count Bobby, the Terror of the West” died in Vienna, Austria on Saturday, February 12. He was 84 years-old. RIP

Purely by coincidence, I watched a eurowestern starring his colleague (and fellow Austrian) Freddy Quinn this morning, Freddy und das Lied der Prärie. I have never seen Alexander’s western effort.

He was one of the most successful artists in the popular music genre in post-war Germany, along with the above-mentioned Freddy Quinn and (Italian born) Caterina Valente. Like Quinn he regularly appeared in movies, often sentimental Heimat movies or musicals. When the Karl May Movies proved to be an enormous success, it was no more than logical that Quinn and Alexander would appear in a western musical.

He usually wore a bowtie when appearing on stage


Glad you haven’t. No Doubt he was a great Entertainer and very popular in Austria and Germany .

Strange, I though he was long dead …

One of Germany’s (Austria in fact) great entertainers. But he enchanted an audience to which I don’t belong.

Liked the Count Bobby film as a kid.