RIP Pernell Roberts

Actor Pernell Roberts died Sunday January 24th at his Malibu, California home of cancer. He was 81. Roberts appeared in one Euro-western “Four Rode Out” with Leslie Nielsen and Sue Lyons.

Probably best know as Adam Cartwright on the long running TV series Bonanza he also played in the TV series Trapper John M.D.

R.I.P Adam Cartwright !

Bad news. On the other hand: he survived all the other Bonanza boys. The first to leave the show, was the last the leave the stage. Amen, Adam.

I remember him already dead in the 70s.
After he left Bonanza (on German TV in the early 70s) he appeared in an episode of another western series where he got shot at the end. I remember being really troubled by this as a very young child. TV was reality then, how could they let him die?
I somehow knew that films were “made”, but on the other hand it seemed to be real enough that dead people in films were real dead people.

YES, first to leave the series, last to leave this mortal coil. R.I.P mr Roberts

I was never much of a BONANZA fan, but of all the characters on that show Adam was my favorite.
Roberts was great in Budd Boetticher’s RIDE LONESOME! That is probably my favorite role of his.

Adios, Pernell!

RIP Pernell.