RIP Paul Picerni

American supporting actor Paul Picerni died of a heart attack last night in Palmdale, California. He was 88. Paul is best remembered as Agent Lee Hobson in the TV series “The Untouchables” with Robert Stack. Paul appeared in two roles in 1969’s “Landraiders” with Telly Savalas. One role was as Savalas henchman Carney. The other role as Arturo in the often cut opening scenes. Arturo is credited as H.P. Picerni and I asked Paul about this 10 years ago in Laughlin, Nevada. Paul said that originally another actor was to do the Arturo character but showed up on the set drunk and couldn’t remember his lines. After repeated flubbed takes, Paul was asked if he would put on makeup and play the role. Telly Savalas agreed and Paul Picerni was credited as H.P. Picerni and did the scene.