RIP Norma Bengell

Brazilian actress Norma Bengell died of lung cancer today October 9 in a Rio de Janiero, Brazil hospital. She was 78. Bengell had been living in poverty and ill health for several years now. An international film and singing star she appeaed in two Euro-westerns: “The Hellbenders” (1966) and “Fedra West” (aka I Do Not Forgive… I Kill!") in 1967. Bengell was once married to actor Gabriele Tinti [1932-1991] (1963–1969).

This has been a terrible two weeks for the genre with some of the greats of the genre Vincenzoni, Gemma, Lizzani and now Bengell all passing.

Christ, these two weeks has been been truly calamitous for spaghetti western genre. Really…

R.I.P. Mrs Bengell, you were such a feminine lady. :frowning:

R.I.P…she is excellent in The Hellbenders for me.

Did not know she was Brazilian,… for some reason I thought she was French. Oh well, anyways… R.I.P.

Will always remember her fondly from Hellbenders.
Hopefully this will be the last R.I.P we have here for a while.