RIP Luciano Martino

Luciano Martino the broher of director Sergio Martino died today August 14, 2013 at his home in Malinda, Kenya from a heat attack. Lucianop would have been 80 on December 22. He was involved in 13 Euro-western mainly as a producer and writer. Some of his better known films were “Arizona Colt”, “$10,000 for a Massacre”, “Dig Your Grave Friend… Sabata’s Coming”, “Zorro” and “A Man Caled Blade”. He was also responsible for discover actress Edwige Fenech and bringing her to the screen. Martino was most active in the 1960s - 1980’s and was involved in over 100 films.

Thanks Luciano, R.I.P.

That’s sad news. RIP

Anyone involved with Arizona Colt and discovering Edwige Fenech deserves remembering. R.I.P. Luciano Martino.


R.I.P. Luciano, another important figure gone.

R.I.P…never knew he was involved in so many films.