RIP Kate O'Mara

British actress Kate O’Mara, once as ubiquitous on British television screens as the test card, has died aged 74. She played a procession of glamorously tough cookies in television soaps and dramas, all menace, narrowed eyes and tossing red hair – most famously in the long-running US series ‘Dynasty’, as the manipulative Cassandra ‘Caress’ Morrell, sister of Alexis Colby played by Joan Collins. She also appeared as another schemer in ‘Howards’ Way’, the BBC’s attempt to rival the glamour of Dynasty and Dallas.

Kate appeared in two Euro-westerns “The Desperados!” in 1969 and “Cannon for Cordoba” in 1970.

R.I.P. Kate

She was in some Hammer films, wasn’t she?

She sure was.

Very sad. Distinctively beautiful actress who did a lot more telly than films but I will always think of her in The Vampire Lovers.

“I was, Mr. Bill”

R.I.P. Kate O’Mara