RIP José Luis Merino LIVES

Spanish director and screenwriter José Luis Merino died in Spain sometime over the Christmas holidays. His death was reported by the Spanish Film Academy on December 30th. Merino directed A Fistful of Songs, Duel in the Eclipse, Another Dollar for the McGregors, Kitosch, the Man from the North and 7 cabalgan hacia la muerte. He also wrote the screenplay for the Robert Woods, John Ireland western Gatling Gun. Merino was born in Madrid on June 10, 1927. He was 87.

It is with great pleasure that the information published about the alleged death of José Luis Merino, the prolific Madrid director is still living among us and his 87-year-old life continues with full of vitality. So much so that he is presently working on the direction of a play and is preparing a new book. Because he was busy he was not aware of the news on the Spanish Film Academy’s website mentioning his death where my information came from.

Thanks to Marisa Ramirez Loaysa, who very kindly got in touch with us, to correct the error, contrary to what was published, José Luis Merino was still alive. Unfortunately she conveyed the death of her father Antonio Ramirez Loaysa the great Spanish film editor of more than 200 films including: “Duel at the Rio Grande” (1963), “Vengeance Ranch” (1966), “The Christmas Kid” (1967)“Sartana Kills Them All”, “The Tall Women” (both 1970) “Bad Man’s River” (1971) “Pancho Villa” (1972), “Al este de oeste” (1984)

Thank for Duel in the Eclipse, Mr Merino. R.I.P.

Same for me! R.I.P Merino.


More Dollars for the McGregors is another gem, my favorite western with Peter Lee Lawrence in the lead.

R.I.P…some nice directed westerns for sure.

Duel in the Eclipse is a big favourite and a movie I’ve recommended and pushed to film lovers on other forums and also in the “real” world.