RIP James Garner

James Garner known for his portrayal of the fast drawing but cowardly gambler Bret Maverick passed away on Saturday July 19, 2014. Garner was an American treasure and succeeded in both TV and films. Considered a man’s man on the screen Garner was a pussycat according to his wife, daughter and his many friends. Jim is remember for his portrayal of Bret Maverick on the long running TV series ‘Maverick’ [1957-1962] and ‘The Rockford Files’ [1974-1980] also for such film roles as “The Great Escape” [1963], “Grand Prix” [1966], “Duel at Diablo” [1966], “Support Your Local Sheriff” [1969], “Support Your Local Gunfighter” [1971], “Victor Victoria” [1982] and “Space Cowboy” [2000]. Garner replaced Tommy Lee Jones as Captain Woodrow Call in “The Streets of Laredo” [1999]. He made only one Euro-western “A Man Called Sledge” [1970] as outlaw leader Luther Sledge. An American Icon we won’t see the likes of again.

Sad news indeed…R.I.P. Mr. Garner

Nice change of pace kind of actor alot of the time…R.I.P

One of the actors I really like to see on the screen.