RIP Jack Palance

(Sebastian) #1

rest in peace, one of the greatest and most under-appreciated actors of his generation. The Spaghetti Western Database salutes to the legendary actor, who reportedly passed away at the age of 87. Farewell!


well said brother

(Silvanito) #3

Palance was great in The Mercenary and Companeros, I don’t think I’ve seen his other spaghettis.

(Lode) #4

Rest in peace…

(Lanky gunman) #5

RIP one more of the golden age to leave. Kirk Douglas,Richard Widmark,Ernest Borgnine remain…

(Cian) #6

Goodbye Curly. You will be missed.

(alk0) #7

Rest in peace Jack, we won’t forget you.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #8


he now joins Marsha in heaven.

A strong man even in his later years when he did one arm press ups at the oscars

(Musket) #9

Palance’s rugged face, which took many beatings in the boxing ring, was disfigured when he bailed out of his burning B-24 Liberator while on a training flight over southern Arizona, where he was a student pilot…

Very good Actor ,RIP