RIP George Ardisson

Italian actor George (Giorgio) Ardisson died at his home in Italy on December 11th. He was 83. Ardisson appeared in six Euro-westerns beginning with Massacre at Grande Canyon - 1963 and ending with Django Defies Sartana - 1970.

Sad news! R.I.P. Giorgio.

RIP. Another actor lost. But 83 is a great age.

Shame. R.I.P…loved his style.

Sad news.

I always thought Ardisson was better suited to his Eurospy roles but liked him in westerns too.



He had a bit of a doggy face, but I liked him in his spaghetti adventures

Don’t know him as a eurospy actor, actually.
Any good tips?

His Agent 3S3 films Passport to Hell and Massacre in the Sun (both directed by Sergio Sollima) are worth a look.
Not Sollima’s best by a very long way but both enjoyable enough Eurospy flicks.


Sorry to hear this. I remember him in Hercules in the Center of the Earth, Django and Sartana, Long Hair of Death and Erik the Conqueror.

R.I.P. George.

Thanks for all those great moments in ‘Spaghetti’ folklore.