RIP George Ardisson

(Tom B.) #1

Italian actor George (Giorgio) Ardisson died at his home in Italy on December 11th. He was 83. Ardisson appeared in six Euro-westerns beginning with Massacre at Grande Canyon - 1963 and ending with Django Defies Sartana - 1970.


Sad news! R.I.P. Giorgio.

(Farmer_J) #3

RIP. Another actor lost. But 83 is a great age.


Shame. R.I.P…loved his style.

(Phil H) #5

Sad news.

I always thought Ardisson was better suited to his Eurospy roles but liked him in westerns too.


(scherpschutter) #6


He had a bit of a doggy face, but I liked him in his spaghetti adventures

Don’t know him as a eurospy actor, actually.
Any good tips?

(Phil H) #7

His Agent 3S3 films Passport to Hell and Massacre in the Sun (both directed by Sergio Sollima) are worth a look.
Not Sollima’s best by a very long way but both enjoyable enough Eurospy flicks.

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(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #9

Sorry to hear this. I remember him in Hercules in the Center of the Earth, Django and Sartana, Long Hair of Death and Erik the Conqueror.

(Toscano) #10

R.I.P. George.

Thanks for all those great moments in ‘Spaghetti’ folklore.