RIP Enio Girolami

(Tom B.) #1

Italian actor Enio Girolami died in Rome today February 16, 2013 after a short illness. He was 78. Enio was the son of director Marino Girolami and the brother of director Enzo Castellari. Enio appeared in 10 Euro-westerns including “The Hellbenders” (1966), “Between God, the Devil and a Winchester” (1968), “Reverend Colt” (1970) and “Jonathan of the Bears” (1994).

(Mickey13) #2

I thought Enzo Girolami had died, but fortunately not him.

Anyway RIP Ennio.

(JonathanCorbett) #3

And Quella sporca storia nel West/Johnny Hamlet.

Thanks Enio, RIP.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #4

R.I.P. Thomas Moore.

(chameleon) #5

R.I.P Mr.Girolami.

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Did not recognise the face at first…R.I.P