RIP Cesare Canevari

Italian director Cesare Canevari died October 25, 2012 in his hometown of Milan, Italy. He was 85. Canevari directed two Euro-westerns “Die for a Dollar in Tucson” (1964) as D. Brownson and the cult classic “Matalo!” (1970). Canevari was involved in only 9 films during his career as a producer, director, screenwriter, film editor and actor but “Matalo” alone gives him special recognition in the genre of the Spaghetti western. RIP.

Can’t say I’m very familiar with his career, but Mátalo! is still one of my favorite spaghetti western. R.I.P. Cesare Canevari!

I’m not ver familiar with his movies either, but I do like Matalo as well. R.I.P Mr Canevari!


Yes like Matalo aswell. It was one of those films I knew I would like even before seeing the film. R.I.P

R.I.P. Cesare

Here is a recent picture taken from the interview in the Medusa DVD