RIP Bekim Fehmiu

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Bekim Fehmiu was found dead in his apartment today with a gun registered in his name by his side, an apparent suicide. He just celebrated his 74th birthday on June 1. I will have an obit posted on Cemetery with Crosses when further information is available. Bekim starred in 1972’s “The Deserter” his only Euro-western. RIP :’(

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Very sad.

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RIP :’(. Bekim was an Action movie legend.


Not viewed a film with him in yet.

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Not me either but he still was an Action Movie legend ;).


Will take your word for it then :wink: .

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Sad News

I kind like The Deserter cheesy but fun to watch, (always though it was an American western). To say the truth he made more dramatic roles than adventure ones, but was a great actor in any case.
Saw it last time in the cinema on a reposition of Mauro Bolognini films saw “Libera amore mio” with Claudia Cardinale.


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More than a thought