RIP Antonio Prieto

Chilean singer and actor Antonio Prieto died last night in a Santiago health clinic from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 85. Prieto is best remembered as Don Miguel Benito Rojo from “Fistful of Dollars” (1964) but also appeared in “The Sword of Zorro” in 1963. Prieto was known as one of the best Bolero singers of all time and carried on a 50 year career before age and Alzheimer’s sent him into seclusion. He recorded over 1000 songs during his career. RIP Don Miguel :’(

R.I.P. Antonio, he was one of them actors where I knew the face but not the name.


Yes R.I.P…what a memorable face.

R.I.P. Don Miguel…I didn’t know he had still been alive or that he was only 4 years older than Eastwood.

The Antonio Prieto who played Don Miguel Benito Rojo was Anonio Prieto Puerto who was born in Aspe, Spain in 1914 and died
of a heart attack in Madrid, Spain on March 3, 1965. This makes more sense as the recently deceased singer, actor is only 4 years
older then Clint Eastwood and the actor playing Don Miguel looks to be a much older actor.