RIP Antonio Bruschini

(Tom B.) #1

I received word that author and writer Antonio Bruschini passed away Monday evening May 30th in Italy. Bruschini along with Federico de Zigno wrote the 3 volume set of Spaghetti Western film books for Glittering Images. Bruschini died from an incurable disease. I was fortunate to correspond with both authors and help them with researching and supplying information during the peiod they were working on and assembling the set of books. His contribution to the genre was enormous and he will be missed. RIP Antonio.

(Phil H) #2

Very sad news.
I look through those books often.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #3


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #4

I remember reading one of the volumes in my University library. Excellent work. RIP.

(Stanton) #5

I’m sorry to hear this.

He made also a lot of contributions to the Koch DVDs by talking about the films and their context in video reviews.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #6

R.I.P. Antonio

(Paco Roman) #7

Sad News!

(scherpschutter) #8

I know him from his You Tube clips
He speaks so fast, that I always have to play the clip at least three times to have a good idea of what he was saying

Great man

(Andy) #9


Are the books available in English?

(Tom B.) #10

Yes each book is written in Italian and English.

(Major Clyde) #11

I consulted two of the volumes a few hours ago.

This terrible news saddens me.

(dicfish) #12


I liked his contributions to the Koch-DVDs.