RIP Angelo Infanti

Angelo Infanti who co-starred with Anthony Ghidra in “Ballad of a Pistolero” died in a Tivoli, Italy hospital of a heart attack. He was 71.
Infanti appeared in 4 Euo-westerns. Besides the above mentioned he also appeared in “$4.00 for Vengeance”, “A Man Called Sledge” and Judge Roy Bean". Infanti also appeared in "The Godfather. RIP :’(



Didn’t realize he was in Sledge
I’l always remember him for Pistoleros, one of my favourite ‘smaller’ spaghettis

Rest in Peace :frowning: .


He had a small role as one of the prisoners in Sledge.


I think I’ll rewatch Sledge this weekend, and try to spot him
Always thought it was a pity that he wasn’t in more spaghettis; he was of course also in 4 Dollars of Revenge, but I have never been very fond of that movie. It had a good ‘swordout’ (instead of shootout) finale, though.

he was really good in pistoleros

i see again a man called sledge and i can’t find him anywhere
and i saw all actors from prizon, i don’t now ???


Too young to go… R.I.P

edit: oh, this is pretty old news already.