RIP Alida Chelli

Italian actress, singer Alida Chelli died in St. Eugene Hospital in Rome Friday December 14, 2012. Born Alida Rustichelli she was the daughter of the famous composer and orchestra conductor Carlo Rustichelli [1916-2004] and the sister of composer Paolo Rustichelli [1953- ]. Alida began her singing career by participating in television variety shows and theater performances. She also participated in the theater and was also a film actress and starred in several films, including “Un maledetto imbroglio” (1959) directed by Pietro Germi, “Sono strana gente” (1966) and “Spaghetti a mezzanotte” (1981) and the Euro-western “Three Silver Dollars” (1969). Chelli was known for having been the wife and the great love of the actor Walter Chiari [1924-1991]. She is the mother of actor Simone Annicchiarico [1970- ]

RIP, Alida.

Another one gone.

R.I.P. Alida