RIP Aldo Sambrell

Dreadful, if inevitable, news.

Interviewed him once (sadly only over the telephone) and he was so down-to-earth, so pleasant. Nice guy, under-rated actor, icon in his own right.

And Sanbrell was a former footballer - an added shame that he’s missed out on Spain’s maiden World Cup victory.

Sad to read this…

Rest in peace Aldo.

one of the best! really… too bad he died :-

For some reason I had his name stuck in my head that month that he died…trippy…maybe because I see his name in the credits for so many spaghettis.

Very sad indeed.

R.I.P Aldo.

I used to get Christmas Cards from Aldo. He sent one every year after we met back in 2004. I really missed hearing from him this past Christmas.
Aldo was–and still is–a great guy!