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I found this picture of Esplugas City online and noticed that the sign on the building says Dr. Clapper Dentist. Or at least I think it says Dr. Clapper (a few letters excluded). There was a Dr. Clapper (Fake dentist) in Rio Maldito who never had his practice in a building but in a traveling wagon. The way the Balcazar brothers and Ignacio Iquino shared ideas, it would not be surprising if the Dr. Clapper name was used in more than one film. I know the only real town used in the filming of Rio Maldito was Esplugas City (the Iquino ranch was not a town or factory, for that matter). My question to the experts here is, does anyone remember seeing this from another film?

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The building looks familiar enough, but so far it’s not a ringing a bell, sorry Mike.

‘Dig your grave, friend … Sabata is coming’ (1971)

It’s probably been used in loads of others, but this was the first that came to mind … BTW, 'Dr. Clapper’s building is now the sheriff’s office for this scene.

Aldo, Thank you! I believe that every western Iquino was involved in utilized Esplugas City. But, it could also have been from another western filmed at Esplugas City, which there was a lot!

Thank you!

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I think I misread the question! :wink:

I tend only to read the signage when the film gets a little boring … but seriously, your b&w photo looks like a behind the scenes still ? It’s not quite clear to me why the name or character is of special interest … but perhaps there are some ‘hardcore’ SW art direction fans who can help out with this poser - Cheers!

Since a directorial change was made on Rio Maldito, I am trying to figure out if this shot is from Rio Maldito and the script got changed around or if the name Dr. Clapper originated in another film.

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Ok, Mike … I’ll ask around. I know one or two specialists not on the SWDB

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Aldo, Thank you!