Ringo il volto della Vendetta

(rojoprofundo) #1

don’t know if that’s the right ‘Subject’ but the fact is that I watched that movie (very good actually) from X-Rated DVD and it contains several trailers as extras. There’s one of Buen funeral… paga Sartana and another of Mio Nome e Shangai Joe. Curious is that both trailers have the same score!! I ask you people if you know wich one of these movies does that score originally belong?

(Silvanito) #2

The score is by italian composer Bruno Nicolai, it’s originally from the Sartana-film, and then he re-used it with slight modification for Shanghai Joe.

(rojoprofundo) #3

Thanks a lot! :wink:

(Silvanito) #4

Great theme, by the way :slight_smile:

(AceHigh) #5

Watched this last night and was pleasantly surprised. Steffen was more animated than I’ve seen him and Frank Wolff was stellar as usual. Good cast and a very good storyline involving a treasure map; part of it tattooed on one man, the other part on another. I’m going to review my top 20, this might fit.

(Stanton) #6

I’m surprised. A Top 20 film?

I was disappointed. The 1st half was quite entertaining without being great, but in the 2nd half the film became a real bore.

(AceHigh) #7

Don’t know, just seemed like a good movie to me start to finish. Was entertained throughout. I’m a Steffen fan anyway but he just seemed ‘better’ in this. I really liked it. Didn’t say it would definitely be top 20, just maybe.

(Stanton) #8

Well, why not, don’t missunderstand me, I wasn’t trying to change your mind.

I only had just written something about this film in the Train to Durango thread.

(Bill san Antonio) #9

I also liked this very much when i saw it first time, on second time I didn’t find it that thrilling anymore but it’s better than average film for me anyway. I liked the idea of treasure map tattoo.

(Phil H) #10

This one certainly has novelty value if nothing else.
Eduardo Fajardo as the loveable sidekick and occasional comic relief rather than the evil town boss/landowner/general type he usually plays and Steffen positively jovial throughout much of the film. You don’t see that every day.

On the whole it’s harmless fun without impressing overly for me. Actually my favourite scene is where the mexican townspeople are chasing after Alexandra Nilo and Steffen steps in to protect her. Reminds me of the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “A Witch! A Witch! May we burn her?” ;D