Ringo and Gringo Against All / Ringo e Gringo contro tutti (Bruno Corbucci, 1966)

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Now this may not be the greatest movie ever, and I certainly have never seen it, but the film’s page in the database has been updated, and we could do with more info on it. Especially a high res poster without a watermark would be much welcome!

Man never even heard of these last bunch of updated pages :man_shrugging:

I’ll quote myself from 2008. Surprisingly I’ve enjoyed it a bit.

Two idiot southerner soldiers, Ringo and Gringo, are still defending a fort by themselves 7 years after the war has ended. When they leave the fort they start a two man’s war against North.

When I first saw that this film stars Lando Buzzanca and Raimondo Vianello who were also the actors in awful For a Few Dollars Less I didn’t have high hopes for the film. But fortuntely it’s not that bad actually. They do same stupid comedy act but this time the jokes are better and so is the story (though the idea seems to be taken from Laurel & Hardy film).

Not a film I could recommend to everyone but I enjoyed it and laughed more than usually when watching comedy sw’s.

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Still a lot to go, but we are indeed digging up a few quite exotic ones :slight_smile:


Same here, Actually was laughing out loud a bit, i enjoyed it.