Review of “Django” (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)

1966 – Dir: Sergio Corbucci - Cast: Franco Nero, Loredana Nusciak, Eduardo Fajardo, José Bodalo, Luciano Rossi, Angel Alvarez, Gino Pernice, Erik Schippers, Silvana Baggi, José Canalejas , José Terrón - Music: Luis Bacalov

According to Alex Cox, Leone was not the only Sergio who wanted to do a remake in spaghetti style of Yojimbo (1961). Corbucci, generally known as ‘the other Sergio’, had the same plans. Apparently Enzo Barboni, the future director of the Trinity movies, was the first to see the movie. He ran into Sergio Leone and told him about it. Sergio and his wife saw the film the next day and afterwards Sergio contacted two of his colleagues, Sergio Corbucci and Duccio Tessari. Corbucci, a great lover of Samurai stories and movies, had already seen it and said he was thinking of a remake. Suddenly both Sergios had become rivals. Leone came up first with his version, A Fistful of Dollars (1964), but Corbucci clearly never gave up his ideas. It seems they finally resulted in his breakthrough and landmark movie Django (1966).

Django, a mysterious loner, who drags a coffin behind him, saves the life of a prostitute named Maria, who …

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oh yaeh

long live franco nero
first spaghettie western i ever saw my father rented on video when i was 14 thought by myself what the fuck is this but my dad told that i really was gonna to like this one thank you for giving me the tape

finally found a origenal italien django posters first release

already on my way

o yeah great revieuw scherpschutter

maar zoals het nederlandse spreekwoord al zegt

goede wijn behoeft geen krans

Great review scherpschutter. I love the way you make me see new things in films that I have already seen many times. Whenever I read your reviews I find myself saying “Oh, yeah… I didn’t think of that…” or "I never noticed that…"
You and your reviews are a great resource.

yeah great review, scherp. excellent reading

A very interesting and informative review, as always. Thanks!

This is a great review and I’m a little concerned as to where it ends up. Will it be on page 6, when “merged” and destined for obscurity, on a thread which may grow to double the size in a while? A piece of work this good should maybe stand-alone at the start of a thread - and/or as a review linked directly from the database. Maybe this is the way it is intended to be (and I’m being stooopid) and that the links will happen ( I noticed it is’nt linked yet tho’) - just please tell me it ain’t gonna get lost in the middle of a thread? Nice one Brother scherps! I must watch this one one day! :wink:

well that’s why I think the right place for a review is in the SWDB, acessible from Category:Reviews and from the Django main page

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Awesome review Scherp.
Just say the word when you’re ready and I’ll load it up on the database with all the others.

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Not bad but not great ( I can’t believe I just said that about Django!) But sometimes it is great to watch if you are in the mood. To many plot shifts too keep my interest. Franco Nero’s dubbing and the dubbing in general is terrible and the english script is very unintelligent. The italian subtitle son the Blue Underground show the italian translations which has a lot better dialogue. overall preety good.

like the trailer said 'the title of the movie you can never forget"

I am wondering why Major jackson called Maria a “Traiter to her race” when she is supposedly half mexican, half indian and got sold to the mexican gang. Then she gets caught somehow and gets whipped by Jackson’s gang. And apparently she was a part of that saloon too but ran away. Confusing backstory for that character.

some strange things happends at django and maybe a really stupid… django kill 6 people with broken fingers i really don’t know?
2. django shoot at them and kill all without even one shoot at him
3. all the bad villains are so profesional killers but no one shoot not even a single bullet
4. at the ford chariba the soldiers killed and no one can shoot at the mexicans and django
there are so fast maybe with the 50 soldiers??
5. django carrying the coffin acros the desert so many miles and never tired
6. django shoot the 5 at the sallon and no one shoot him, one of the gang of jacksons men
the last one point at him with the gun bud django was so fast that killed him,
2 men at the front of him one at the back and two at the door no one can firing??
come one! those things only happens at django movie

django can kill (spoilers!) 80 people but no one can shoot at him the only thing that can they do
it’s to wait for some one like django to killed them
and some other mysterious things: jakson realy hate the mexicans but after we see him make deals with the mexican army,
the mexicans cut the priest ear and two seconds later we see it intact
in all westerns you see all the bad shoot at the hero but in django only waiting to be killed

This is the great and wonderful thing about spaghetti westerns and for sure keeps us all glued watching time after time with great excitment…We all could tear the pants out of most spaghetti westerns but we keep coming back for more…Its a terrific gift thats given to all of us if we want it…The name being “ENTERTAINMENT” What do others think

anyway it has some big flaws but this will be always the good movie django