Return of Shanghai Joe / Che botte ragazzi! / Il ritorno di Shanghai Joe (Bitto Albertini, 1975),_Il

Klaus Kinski plays the local Mr Big who is buying up all the town land, on his own terms though. Kinski wants to stop the new judge arriving to town, but there just happens to be a man around to save the day… Shanghai Joe. Joe gets a little help from a Bud Spencer style character.

Kinski is great as usual and alot bigger role than the first Shanghai Joe film. Not as good as the first film, but was expecting that. Not as violent with all the gore gone. Shanghai Joe has his own theme song which is ok, but tedious after a while. Was expecting it to be all slapstick from what I had read and the year made, but was not. May be the only one who did not mind this one.[font=times new roman] [/font]

I remembered this being almost unwatchable but here’s what I wrote in Last western you watched-topic in 2008.

-More comedic film than the original Shanghai Joe. Film is more focused on Tommy Polgár’s funny, travelling medicine seller character than on Shanghai Joe who is now played by another actor and isn’t as impressive as the original. Klaus Kinski is great as the villain and has more screentime than he usually does which makes the film worth watching. Music is kinda strange De Angelis style nimble songs.

So, maybe little bit better than I remembered.

Perhaps just a bit better depending on how many beers you consume :smiley: . But the new actor playing Shanghai Joe is not as good as the first one like you say.

This is soooo bad. Probably the worst spaghetti western I’ve seen.
It was a challenge to watch the whole movie.
Stupid jokes, awful actors (including Kinski) and uninspired directing.

May be the only one who did not mind this one. [ENNIOO]

I finally got around to watching both of the SHANGHAI JOE’s last night and had a pretty good time, even with this one. Sometimes when you come into a film expecting the worst, you wind up pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a good film. And the shift in tone between the two films is a bit jarring, especially watched back-ta-back, but it is a perfectly enjoyable little flick. There is no continuity of characters as Kinski comes back from the dead to play an entirely different character, who reminded me a bit of a cartoonish ‘Mad Hatter’. What with his oversized hat and big teeth. Anyhoo Chen is also replaced by Cheen though his mission of wandering the west helping those who can’t help themselves is left intact. ‘Repay good with good, and evil with justice.’ It is quite a bit more comedic than the first, but there is still a fair amount of action in it. As Ennioo already mentioned, Joe’s cheeztastic theme song is kind of amusing the first coupl’a times you hear it… but then you continue to hear it, again and again. Not quite good, but entertaining enough to get a 4/10

Glad you had some fun with this one :wink: .