RetroVision Possible Release Thread

(The Man With a Name) #101

That’s Gunman of One Hundred Crosses or Gunman of One Hundred Graves. :slight_smile: I have the Finnish VHS with English audio.

(Carty) #102

Jack Betts (Hunt Powers) interviewed from his home this past Sunday. Answered some questions regarding Kinski, Fidani, and about some of his other SWs he was cast in. Will post some footage here shortly for you all.

(carlos) #103

I wish you well with this project Carty, But… as you know this is not a good movie and will be a hard sell. With the DVD release some had qualms about purchasing, even though it looked nice, but it was part of a collection… So, if you haven’t done so, I would think it might be a good idea to start your own ‘The Spaghetti Bastard Collection’ or whatever with a package theme that could be used indefinitely and a numbered spine. That way if this one didn’t do that well and the next ones do, we will just have to have the previous one :slight_smile: . Hell, you could make this one number 2 and repackage Django The Bastard as number 1.

(Asa) #104

That’s a cynical little gimmick though, and one I don’t especially appreciate from Wild East or anyone else for that matter. The releases should stand or fall on their own merits, not sell because tossbag distributors like to exploit avid collectors.

(carlos) #105

Don’t agree atall. WE has their Spaghetti, EuroCrime etc. Koch has their Rainbow, Enzyklopädie etc. This just differentiates genres or types, doesn’t mean we have to buy what we don’t want or collect unless we want to. Maybe the small guys who do it for love need every advantage to afford to keep doing it. A ‘gimmick’ wouldn’t bother me at all.

(Asa) #106

Then why do it?

You just said yourself:

I bought Big Hero 6 on blu-ray, a couple of weeks ago. A Disney title. But, what’s this? Oh, they’ve decided to re-release their titles with stupid fucknut numbers on them now. Why? So’s we’ll go and buy them all now, otherwise our collections will look odd. Now, of course I’m not going to buy all of the other Disney titles but some people will, including purchasing titles they wouldn’t have done for any other reason than completist purposes. Keen collectors of the Wild East movies have definitely got at least a few titles they wouldnt have purchased outside of that completist compulsion to “catch 'em all!”, like Pokemon. If you’ve been collecting the Wild East spags up to now, you’re going to have to get number 58 irrespective of what it turns out to be. That, is sales based on a marketing ploy rather than the product itself. It won’t matter what the product is.

And in the meantime, I’ve got a film with f*cking “Disney Classics 53” written on it for no poxy reason.

Well, they wouldn’t want to make money off of crappy films by way of numbering them so obsessive compulsives have to buy them if they’re doing it for love, would they?

They’re not charity cases. You’re advocating that the “advantage” they take us of their customers. And bilking the public oughtn’t be their preferred method for earning money out of them.

I’m not getting at the folk who end up forking out for these things; that’s up to them. I’ve done it myself enough times, buying sequels I don’t care for because they link up sequels I DO care for. But let’s not pretend that arbitrarily numbering an otherwise disparate bunch of movies is anything other than a tactic intended to get people to buy something they mightn’t have done otherwise. Wild East could still have called their spag collection “The Spaghetti Western Collection” without the numbers. And let’s certainly not suggest it’s okay to use such tawdry tactics just because a company might be a small company who needs some money.

(Søren) #107

Which is precisely what they do on the spines. No numbering. Most people probably do not even notice the numbering displayed pretty discretly on the cover.

(Asa) #108

They still use the numbering though, and it’s still a cynical marketing ploy, and they still needn’t do it.

That said, knowing they don’t stamp their stupid numbers on the spines means I may very well buy a few, now. See? Not acting like grubby public-hating robdogs is earning them new custom already! :slight_smile:

(Bad Lieutenant) #109


I’m laughing my ass off.

Nobody has to buy shit. Regardless of how it’s marketed. It’s that simple.

(Carty) #110

Each release should hold up on its own, in my opinion. Nothing should be a “volume” of a collection. It’s nonsense, in my opinion – unless its some limited edition or line of films from a single director, etc. But you do need to drive sales… when I rerelease Boot Hill and Bastardo this year, perhaps this is something I’ll look into.

Also, tomorrow I’m going to post a clip from our Jack Betts interview here as an exclusive. Thank you all for your feedback regarding COFFIN FULL OF DOLLARS. It may not be a great film (though it’s one of my top ten), it will “wow” you when you see what we’ve crafted for it.

(ENNIOO) #111

Gave up ages ago collecting releases with numbers on etc. If I like the film a purchase will be made. If I want a number on a dvd release etc, I will stick my own on the dvd case.


Yep, same for me.


Hello @The_Bastard, has Requiem For a Gringo been delayed?

(Jonny Powers) #114

Like Dean mentioned, it’s been very quiet on the RetroVision front, @The_Bastard. What’s up?

(kevenz) #115

DJANGO KILL… IF YOU LIVE, SHOOT (1967) [new HD transfer, no DNR like BU release, will be available in 2017]
SHANGO (1970) [SD only, HD can be made]
CHUCK MOLL (1970) [HD]
Il Giustiziere di Dio (1973) [HD]
THE FORGOTTEN PISTOLERO (1969) [SD only, HD can be made]
QUINTANA (1969) [HD]

Personally I would buy them all if they ever get released on blu ray :slight_smile:
(except maybe Chuck Moll since it’s already out on Blu and Django Kill has been released many times also)

(Søren) #116

Requiem for a Gringo is stated as having been released this year on June 13th:équiem_para_el_gringo/BluRay

But it was never released as far as I know !?

(Jonny Powers) #117

Yes, that’s right. They’re putting it on hold due to some issues from what i know