RetroVision Possible Release Thread

(Asa) #81

Will the Réquiem For a Gringo blu-ray be region A locked or will it be region-free?

(Carty) #82

Requiem for a Gringo will be Region A locked, as per our contract’s requirements. The rights holders are very strict about these terms, and will sue if we fail to do so.

(Asa) #83

Oh well. Thanks for the information anyway.

(Søren) #84

Ah come on amigo, go out and buy that region A-player and get it over with :slight_smile:


[quote=“The_Bastard, post:82, topic:3544”]
The rights holders are very strict about these terms, and will sue if we fail to do so.[/quote]

Are you permitted to divulge their reasoning? This stuff has always intrigued me, especially due to the fact region free players exist.

(Søren) #86

But most people do not have region free blu-ray players so restricting the large majority is probably sufficient reason :slight_smile:

(Carty) #87

The main reason is money (on both sides).

For the rights holders, they want to milk these movies until the end of time. What better way to make sure they get their money’s worth than to make sure people can’t import these titles. The rights holders want the potential customers to wait until a label from their designated territory picks up the film (thus paying them big money). If they let people use region free encoding, they would not sign many contracts with labels.

For companies like myself, why would we release a title if it is already able to be imported? If there was a region free release of PER UNA BARA PIENA DI DOLLARI, I would most likely avoid releasing it – as a good portion of fans would have likely imported it. In this case though, we have plenty of features to rival Koch and whoever else might have put this out. But this isn’t the case for all films.

That being said, some companies do not enforce a region lock on their catalog titles – although it’s quite rare.

(The Man With a Name) #88

Could you try and get the rights to Sartana Non Perdona with English audio? I’m stuck with the Australian TV print for now.

(Carty) #89

I personally know the domestic rights holders for this title, and I will call them up this week and see if they have access to film materials. I don’t think they’re planning to do anything with this title yet. I will keep you updated.

(The Man With a Name) #90

That one definitely deserves a release.

(Sebastian) #91

They all do, somehow, though :slight_smile:

(Søren) #92

Ah, On the Third Arrived the Crow certainly doesn’t deserve to be on any media. That said, I would be the first to pick it up on blu-ray if it ever came that far :wink:

(Carty) #93

I’d argue that “Kill Django… Kill First” doesn’t deserve any release, but someone thought otherwise! If that film can make it to DVD, almost any other Spaghetti should…

(The Man With a Name) #94

I didn’t finish watching On the Third Day Arrived the Crow but I should give it a try sometime. There are a few trashy spaghettis that I enjoy. Long Days of Vengeance is another spaghetti I’d love to see remastered.

(Farmer_J) #95

I’d like to see a proper release of Gun for 100 Graves from 1971. It may be a cheapy production, but I’ve always been interested in it.

(The Man With a Name) #96

A Gun for One Hundred Graves is a good movie. :slight_smile: I have the German release with English audio.

(chuck connors brother) #97

Was surprised to see On the Third Arrived the Crow wasn’t that bad … remember seeing a picture of Don’t Wait, Django… Shoot! (Edoardo Mulargia) on the site

(Farmer_J) #98

Sorry, I meant the Tony Kendall one.

(Bad Lieutenant) #99

There’s already an ok DVD of A Barrel Full of Dollars, which isn’t much of an upgrade to the VHS to be honest. Makes little sense to me, to release this.

Release Savage Guns, which has no decent release, instead.

(Carty) #100

No English dub that is widely available (outside of hissy VHS rips) and its in High Definition, coupled with some trailers, interviews, etc. That’s a decent incentive, in my opinion – though I completely understand your point. Savage Guns was up for grabs, but that was SD only, and I wanted to focus on HD titles first.

As I’ve always said, if these initial titles sell well, I will start acquiring more requested ones. For example, I’m still in talks about a popular Gemma film (something about a Roof and some Stars!), but want to make sure PER UNA BARA PIENDA DI DOLLARI has a decent reception.