RetroVision Possible Release Thread

(Jonny Powers) #41

Thanks for the info! Are you looking into releasing the HD master on Blu-ray? How certain of a deal are King and Shango? Also when can we expect all of these to be released, sometime in the summer or fall of this year?

(Carty) #42

KING will happen, but I have to wait on numerous things. One of those includes a new HD master, along with the Steffen film. I’m hoping to start working on those at the end of the year.

SHANGO is the same situation. Needs to be restored, which is why I saved it for another deal. This would be a 2017 project as it requires more attention than KING or the others.

As per the mysterious 3, these will be released hopefully in early fall and through Winter. We would do summer but that quarter is dedicated to our upcoming feature film. However, I will post a sample or two of each film in the coming months. They will also be Region Free.

(carlos) #43

So there must be decent source material? Would definitely make a nice second feature. I guess you mean the 2 first time English releases would have had a non-English DVD release which rules out Ramon the Mexican and Cold Killer :slight_smile:

(Carty) #44

There’s an HD scan for EXECUTIONER, surprisingly. I see it as a double bill in the near future.

(carlos) #45

(that damn 20 char limit! hey in spag land, brevity is a virtue :slight_smile: )

(Mark) #46

Hola amigos, new member getting involved. For what it’s worth I see Retrovision has added “Don’t Wait Django,Shoot” AKA “Dein Henker Wartet” to the coming soon list as has been discussed. Hopefully sooner than later…

(Asa) #47

Welcome aboard, Colt!

(Carty) #48

There’s one of three – this will be doubled with another title in HD.

(Søren) #49

Am I the only one that wasn’t aware that RetroVision is releasing A Barrel Full of Dollars on blu-ray?

(ENNIOO) #50

Your not the only one.

(Carty) #51

Though I can’t say much regarding this release, I can tell you this will be the definitive release of the film… and our biggest release to date. English and Italian dubs, English subtitles, and some big surprises. I’m currently in contact with Jack Betts, so you might just see him on our release!

(Søren) #52

Wow. That is fantastic news. You are also ‘doing’ Requiem for a Gringo on blu-ray I see. Will that be a different master than the one used for the German Colosseo-release? That one was heavy on the DNR I seem to remember.

(Carty) #53

It is the same master, though I feel like some of the remaining grain was further removed through their encode – having seen the Blu-ray. I will investigate and see if there are any alternatives…

(Sebastian) #54


(Søren) #55

Yes but of Requiem for a Gringo:équiem_para_el_gringo/BluRay

(Carty) #56

Perhaps you all could give me some input on this. The HD master for “A Barrel Full of Dollars” is presented in 1.33:1, as it is an open-matte transfer. Would you all prefer the film be kept in this aspect ratio, or should it in 1.66:1 (the intended aspect ratio)?

(Jonny Powers) #57

The original aspect ratio. Why is the master in 1.33:1?

(Carty) #58

The film was shot in 1.33:1, with the intention to be matted during it’s theatrical run - thus the scan captures the entire original framing, sans cropping. The rights holders left it this way, assuming it was supposed to be kept this way. However, the Italian posters state “schermo panoramico”, which implies it was presented in widescreen. A lot of the non-scope Spaghettis usually have this issue with scans being 4:3, and not cropped properly.

(Søren) #59

Keep the 1.33:1. The Koch Media dvd release is also presented like this.

(Jonny Powers) #60

There a possibility of providing both options?