RetroVision Possible Release Thread

(Jonny Powers) #21

The guy has a website, but it hasn’t been updated. As far as Amazon or Diabolik or something goes, I’ve got no clue.

(gringo_bastardo) #22

If ebay only, that counts me out. Bad experiences with global shipping robbing program, purchase only collectible rarities if no other shipping method is available.

(Rutledal) #23

Yeah, shipping is more than twice the price of the disc for me with eBay.

(the_ugly) #24

That ebay listing doesn’t say it has optional English subtitles (it says there is Italian audio option)

But im assuming it would have…wouldn’t it ???

(Jonny Powers) #25

I just sent an email inquiry as to the DtB/BH release that was supposed to have come out last Tuesday and, while on the site, I noticed that a His Name was King poster was listed under the Coming Soon header, along with a Night of the Sharks (1988) poster…?

(Farmer_J) #26

I haven’t got my hopes up. Have not heard from him in quite a while.

(Rutledal) #27

Unless he unearthed a uncut version with the missing 9 minutes I’m not really interested in another release of His Name Was King.

(ENNIOO) #28

Yes agree with you.

(Jonny Powers) #29

Got a reply:
“DJANGO had a delay at the manufacturers but we are currently waiting on hearing from them to see when we will have the product in stock.”

(Carty) #30

The DVD has finally been released (as of Dec. 22nd) and you can see screenshots and comments in this thread: Django the Bastard/Boot Hill DVD Double Feature (Retrovision)

Apologies for not commenting here personally, but thank you all for your patience and I can promise you there is more coming!

(Carty) #31

After some calls to Italy over the past weeks, we’ve selected 3 Spaghetti Westerns for a new US release, all with HD masters. Two of these films have never had an official English release yet, and one will be an HD upgrade! Stay tuned…

(Jonny Powers) #32

The ones without an official English release, will they have English audio options?

(Farmer_J) #33

Which westerns were they. If you got Executioner of God, I’m excited.

(Carty) #34

Yes – all three films with feature the dubbed English track, as well as the original Italian audio.

(Carty) #35

EXECUTIONER was considered, but ultimately did not make it into the final deal. I certainly haven’t ruled it out, though. As to the titles of the three films, I can’t give much away but one of them is not ‘Django’ related.

(ENNIOO) #36

Looking forward to when you can name the titles.

(Carty) #37

There will be a definite announcement within the next two weeks. Although our Facebook page does slightly give one away. :wink:

(Jonny Powers) #38

I know you had His Name Was King in the coming soon section of your website, might that be the HD upgrade? Also, will you be pursuing a double bill with these?

I also noticed you mentioned Shango would be handed off to another studio for restoration, would that mean you would be the one releasing it or would someone else? Also figured out one of the releases, won’t spoil the excitement however :wink:

(Sebastian) #39

I still wanna bring up O’Cangaceiro, whoever gets a chance to get this out English-friendly I personally buy them a beer

(Carty) #40

KING is a seperate deal in its own; not included in the three that have been recently licensed. KING might be paired with a Steffen western. Both will be HD.

SHANGO would be restored by a company in Italy that works with the rights holders. Then they would hand the 2k master off to us.

Two of the three will be double-billed due to similar “inspirations”.i