[Region 2] MGM releases this fall (Sabata trilogy, Death rides a horse)

(Sebastian) #1

Europe gets a little MGM shot this fall…

Adios Sabata (already out in stores in Germany), Sabata, Return of Sabata and Death rides a horse (aka “Die Rechnung wird mit Blei bezahlt” in Germany)

(Sebastian) #2

some say Sabata might be cut

(Yohanes) #3

Quite difficult here. R1 boxset of Sabata trilogy is already scheduled for Oct 18 release. UK this month. Which one I wonder are complete version…

(Sebastian) #4

i dont think the do a seperate version just for the US

(Ste_300) #5

Sabata and Death Rides a horse are out region 2 uk already.

(Angel eyes) #6

just got this one in the mail! Great quality, too bad there are no extra’s whatsoever…
Death rides a horse should be coming in tomorrow…Looking forward to that one since I only have
a DVDR of the Japanese expensive edition…

(Yohanes) #7

Cut/ uncut status?

(Sebastian) #8

some say Sabata is cut

(Angel eyes) #9

Running time is 1hr 42 minutes for Sabata, Death rides a horse is 1hr 50 mins…

I dunno if they’re cur or not…I haven’t compared them yet with the Japanese discs.

But quality-wise they’re definitely good

(Sebastian) #10

i heard the sound is quite bad, especially on death rides a horse

(The Swede) #11

Im really looking forward to picking up the Sabata Trilogy. I have them on crappy VHS (recorded from TCM) right now, so thats why Im excited about getting them on some nice restored DVDs.

Info: Sabata was a big influence on Robert Rodriguez’ Desperado films. Specfically, the Sabata had the characters with crazy weapons and non-gunfighting skills. Like Banjo (who has a gun hidden in his banjo) and Alleycat, a mute acrobat who helps Sabata. in Adios Sabata, theres a guy who kicks steel ballbearings at people with a special shoe.

(Sebastian) #12

i will watch all those releases on TV first coz i havent seen them before. they’ll be on german tv next week (the sabatas an drah) so… first watch, then buy :slight_smile:

(Lode) #13

When you believe in what ofdb.de is writing, all three Sabata Releases are uncut. I think about buying Sabata and Return of Sabata and Death rides a horse. But I’m not sure at present… ::slight_smile:

(Ste_300) #14

Sabata returns is no way near as good as the original.

(Lode) #15

I never saw it before. So I’m very interested in both parts.

Another thing which perplexes me a bit is that “Death rides a horse” is FSK 12 in Germany, isn’t it? It would be untypical for a Spaghetti Western… But it should be uncut!

(Ste_300) #16

Yeh, i need some Day Of Anger and a few other cleef films. BUT first it’s My Name is Nobody, Which i havn’t found a copy of yet. BAH!

(Sebastian) #17

why havent you found a copy of it?

(Ste_300) #18

Well, i can find it over the internet. but i’d much prefer going to a store to pick it up. Everytime i look they never have it. Even a place for where it should be. It’s annoying. I will have to buy it online.

(Lode) #19

This is unbelievable. Here (Dresden/Germany) they have thousands of copies in every DVD store. I cannot imagine that they don’t have any at your’s.

(Sebastian) #20

just buy it at Amazon, where’s the problem??