[Region 2] MGM releases this fall (Sabata trilogy, Death rides a horse)

Europe gets a little MGM shot this fall…

Adios Sabata (already out in stores in Germany), Sabata, Return of Sabata and Death rides a horse (aka “Die Rechnung wird mit Blei bezahlt” in Germany)

some say Sabata might be cut

Quite difficult here. R1 boxset of Sabata trilogy is already scheduled for Oct 18 release. UK this month. Which one I wonder are complete version…

i dont think the do a seperate version just for the US

Sabata and Death Rides a horse are out region 2 uk already.

just got this one in the mail! Great quality, too bad there are no extra’s whatsoever…
Death rides a horse should be coming in tomorrow…Looking forward to that one since I only have
a DVDR of the Japanese expensive edition…

Cut/ uncut status?

some say Sabata is cut

Running time is 1hr 42 minutes for Sabata, Death rides a horse is 1hr 50 mins…

I dunno if they’re cur or not…I haven’t compared them yet with the Japanese discs.

But quality-wise they’re definitely good

i heard the sound is quite bad, especially on death rides a horse

Im really looking forward to picking up the Sabata Trilogy. I have them on crappy VHS (recorded from TCM) right now, so thats why Im excited about getting them on some nice restored DVDs.

Info: Sabata was a big influence on Robert Rodriguez’ Desperado films. Specfically, the Sabata had the characters with crazy weapons and non-gunfighting skills. Like Banjo (who has a gun hidden in his banjo) and Alleycat, a mute acrobat who helps Sabata. in Adios Sabata, theres a guy who kicks steel ballbearings at people with a special shoe.

i will watch all those releases on TV first coz i havent seen them before. they’ll be on german tv next week (the sabatas an drah) so… first watch, then buy :slight_smile:

When you believe in what ofdb.de is writing, all three Sabata Releases are uncut. I think about buying Sabata and Return of Sabata and Death rides a horse. But I’m not sure at present… ::slight_smile:

Sabata returns is no way near as good as the original.

I never saw it before. So I’m very interested in both parts.

Another thing which perplexes me a bit is that “Death rides a horse” is FSK 12 in Germany, isn’t it? It would be untypical for a Spaghetti Western… But it should be uncut!

Yeh, i need some Day Of Anger and a few other cleef films. BUT first it’s My Name is Nobody, Which i havn’t found a copy of yet. BAH!

why havent you found a copy of it?

Well, i can find it over the internet. but i’d much prefer going to a store to pick it up. Everytime i look they never have it. Even a place for where it should be. It’s annoying. I will have to buy it online.

This is unbelievable. Here (Dresden/Germany) they have thousands of copies in every DVD store. I cannot imagine that they don’t have any at your’s.

just buy it at Amazon, where’s the problem??