[Region 1] Anchor Bay ~ Once Upon A Time In Italy Box

(Ste_300) #1

I don’t understand this… Is this any good? Also, is it only Region 1?

(Sebastian) #2

It is only Region 1. It is a box set released by Anchor Bay, containing COMPANEROS[/url], FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE, KEOMA, TEXAS ADIOS and A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL.
The packaging is very nice, so is the quality and the extras. I really recommend it.

All these films are also available seperately

([url=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?path=ASIN/B0000YTPF2&link_code=as2&camp=1789&tag=thequentintar-20&creative=9325]buy at amazon.comhttp://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Vamos_a_matar%2C_compa%C3%B1eros)

(Ste_300) #3

And the problems appear…

Do you know of any news on releasing a region 2 edition? I dont have a region 0 player, or a region one. Only a region 2 and a laptop. Would it play on a laptop?

(Sebastian) #4

well if your laptop is region 2 it wont, but there’s a nice software that makes your player ignore region code.

i dont think it will ever be out in the UK because Anchor Bay doesnt have the rights to it in Europe. These films are by different companies in UK, Germany etc

(Bill san Antonio) #5

I have bought all these films separately. They’re all region0 except Companeros which is region1. I don’t know if this is the case with the box set too.

There are UK versions of Bullet for the general and Keoma/Texas Adios also.

(Sebastian) #6

they should all be the same versions. watch it again. there’s a scene where they rip Berben’s shirt off

(Ste_300) #7

How do i check if it’s a region 0 player? It plays my regon 2, but i havt any region ones to test. So is there an infomation report i can find on the laptop?

EDIT: I found it and it’s pissing me off. I can change it but only four times then it locks. So if i bought it i’d have to change it, watch it, change it back to watch m others. So everythime i wanted towatchit i’d have to change it. Which would mean more that 4 changes. Damn DVD players.

(Sebastian) #8

yep. only 5 changes in total. you should get a region free dvd player. those are really cheap off the internet. but thats off topic now. you can create a dvd player topic in the SALOON if you want, get some tips from other members

(Damien) #9

Install a dvd-region killer on your laptop. I have installed them on both my computers and they work fine.

(Ste_300) #10

I’ll look into that


(alk0) #11

I’m want to buy that box finally, but when i saw those cover scans on Shobary’s site, it seems that 2 movies in the box have got wrong aspect ratios compared to seperate releases:
http://spaghettiwesterns.1g.fi/dvd/Companeros_DVD2.jpg[/url] compared to http://spaghettiwesterns.1g.fi/dvd/Companeros_DVD.jpg
http://spaghettiwesterns.1g.fi/dvd/A_Bullet_For_The_General_DVD2.jpg compared to [url=http://spaghettiwesterns.1g.fi/dvd/Bullet_For_General_DVD.jpg]http://spaghettiwesterns.1g.fi/dvd/Bullet_For_General_DVD.jpghttp://spaghettiwesterns.1g.fi/dvd/Companeros_DVD2.jpg
is it true? or this is just some typo on the box or some strange edtion shown on this site?

(Søren) #12

Both movies are in 2.35:1 aspect ratio in the Once Upon a Time in Italy-box set. So do not worry. Buy it! :wink:

(alk0) #13

Thanks;) I certainly will.

(Sebastian) #14

yeah great box. now that they will be released at blue underground, there’s no chance anymore of getting it cheaply but it looks great on your shelf :wink: